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      中國萬杰揚帆出海,“面”向世界 | 萬杰智能鮮面機全球招商,正式啟動!

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        Popular overseas, Chinese noodle shops have difficulty in recruiting workers


        Chinese noodles are not only common on the Chinese dining table, but also sought after by overseas Chinese and local residents. Noodle shops of all sizes are springing up abroad, making up beautiful scenery. However, it is usually difficult for these noodle shops to recruit noodle cooks, and frequent staff turnover also incurs a high labor cost. Even more, it is necessary for the job seekers to provide a personal asset certificate and have a guarantor. A series of additional conditions bring great trouble to the operation of noodle shops overseas.



        Intelligent Fresh Noodle: a substitute for human labor, spending 8 seconds making noodles


        Wanjie Intelligent Fresh Noodle Maker, which starts on one click, spends only 8 seconds making flour into noodles. As substitute for a noodle cook, it can make more than 20 kinds of noodles, such as hand-pulled noodles, beef noodles, sliced noodles and Hele noodles, making it possible to easily solve various problems such as the difficulty of recruiting noodle cooks and high cost of labor, thereby saving costs efficiently.



        Upon its launch, the product has become highly popular in the catering industry. At present, Wanjie Intelligent Fresh Noodle Maker has been widely verified in domestic and foreign markets, It is widely used by thousands of customers in China. The product is sold to many countries such as the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Hungary, etc.



        As a pioneer in China’s intelligent staple food machinery industry and a setter of standards for China’s fresh noodle maker industry, Wanjie Intelligent has specialized in the R&D of food machinery and stayed ahead of others in terms of intelligent food machinery innovation over the past 27 years in a bid to help shopkeepers cut down costs and increase efficiency by ensuring the safety of staple food through intelligent staple food machinery. 




        Global Investment Promotion for Wanjie Intelligent Fresh Noodle Maker! Let’s go global to win the future together.


        Based in both domestic and international markets, Wanjie Intelligent is here to share charm and value of China’s intellectual manufacturing with the world. Now Wanjie Intelligent Fresh Noodle Maker is starting its strategic step into the overseas market for global investment promotion. Investors from all over the world are welcome to visit negotiate with Wanjie. Let’s forge ahead hand in hand!


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